Where Will Solana Go After Outages?

More network disruptions entail more Solana revisions on the negative.

Solana has to be one of the most irritating cryptocurrencies on the market (SOL-USD). As users and investors gravitate toward proof-of-stake blockchains with cheap transaction fees and high transaction speeds, this ultra-fast and hyper-growth network has experienced amazing momentum. As a result, the most of the expert Solana price forecasts we look at are optimistic.

However, these price forecasts have been decreasing in recent months. Experts are becoming more frustrated with the project’s development staff. This is partly due to a series of network breakdowns that have shattered many people’s faith in the network’s long-term viability.

Solana had another outage this week. This was the network’s second outage in a month, and the most recent in a series that began last year.

While many, including myself, have praised Solana’s progress in comparison to Ethereum (ETH-USD) and other smart contract networks, these outages have seriously harmed the token’s prospects. Solana will have to combine its speed and cost advantage (which is outstanding in comparison to Ethereum) with stability at some time. While Ethereum is pricey, it is reliable. As a result, given the increased dangers associated with Solana, investors may be attempting to de-risk their portfolio.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at what the experts have to say about SOL right now.

Predictions on the price of Solana

At the time of writing, SOL-USD is presently trading at $37.95 per token.

SOL-USD has a 1-year and 5-year price projection of $138.69 and $497.39, respectively, according to Walletinvestor.

Gov.capital also has a price objective of $300.67 and $2,381 for the next year and five years, respectively.

Finally, according to Digitalcoinprice, SOL-USD is expected to average $53.87 in 2023 and $94.04 in 2027.

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