Best cryptocurrencies to buy

They say you shouldn’t be invested in the stock market if you’re not able to deal with being down 20% or more. There isn’t yet a saying for how risk-tolerant one must be to successfully engage in cryptocurrency investing, but it’s fair to say digital assets make the roller-coaster gyrations of the stock market look like a teacup ride. Crypto has been plunging in 2022, with particularly steep declines coming in May, when Bitcoin (BTC) dropped below the $26,000 level amid rising interest rates, and the stablecoin market suffered shocks to its stability as TerraUSD (UST) collapsed. That said, even the cryptocurrency market’s year-to-date 45% decline through May 12 isn’t unprecedented – volatility is a feature of the nascent industry. Still, with higher risk comes the opportunity for greater reward, so if you have the stomach for extreme volatility, here are seven of the best cryptocurrencies to buy now.

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