Best Shitcoins to Buy in 2022


What exactly are Shitcoins?

The term’shitcoin’ is debatable, as it may apply to cryptocurrencies with no discernible purpose or meme tokens. The phrase is also used for projects that are possibly cheap or have a market capitalization of less than one billion dollars.

If you, like many investors, want to take a chance on the underdog, read our article, which will disclose the top ten shitcoins to purchase in 2022.

Investing in shitcoins has the potential to provide significant profits. If you had invested in Shiba Inu, the second most popular shitcoin, you would have received a return of more than 20800000 percent by the end of the year.

To put it another way, shitcoins may help you double your investment 1,000 times in the lowest period of time possible. Keep in mind that shitcoin values are considerably more likely to drop than to skyrocket. To take advantage of the massive value rises made by meme coins, it’s critical to identify and purchase the best shitcoins as soon as possible.

How can you locate the next big meme currency in a sea of shitcoins?

Based on our evaluation of their future development potential, we’ve produced a list of the best 10 shitcoins to invest in for 2022.

Shitcoins may now be purchased on Coinbase, Bittrex, and Poloniex, among other exchanges.

Which shitcoins should you purchase in 2022?

The technical elements of the project, as well as its popularity and possibility of success, are assessed for each of the 2022 shitcoins.

Taking a Closer Look at the Best Shitcoins

Cryptocurrencies and shitcoins are inextricably related. The hunt for the appropriate currency may seem challenging at first, but you could be wondering which shitcoins will be the best investments in 2022.

That said, let’s take a closer look at the best shitcoins to buy right now in order to have a better understanding of what to anticipate in terms of token types in the future.

1. The Dogecoin

Dogecoin will be the greatest shitcoin to invest in in the year 2022.

Dogecoin is the first and most well-known shitcoin, having been created in 2013. Since a result, it’s on our list of shitcoins to invest in in 2022, as it offers a 25000 percent return on investment (ROI). Two of the world’s most well-known billionaires in the cryptocurrency business, Elon Musk and Mark Cuban, are among its backers.

Dogecoin has shown its durability by surviving practically every crypto market collapse, especially between 2017 and 2021. To put it another way, Dogecoin is less likely to go to zero and join the growing pile of dead shitcoins than newer joke shitcoins like the well-known Squid Game shitcoin.

When things become tough, Doge has always depended on Elon Musk’s Tweets to revive it. We expect Dogecoin’s price will climb as a result of Musk’s ongoing comments and disagreements. His efforts will be boosted as the shitcoin community expands on social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit, Discord, and Telegram.

Is it possible to predict how high Dogecoin will rise by December 2022? According to the Dogecoin price estimate, Dogecoin shitcoin is expected to rise 700 percent to $0.7 in December 2022.

As of this writing, DOGE is one of the best shitcoins to invest in right now for long-term value.

2. Shiba Inu

Will SHIB be worth the money in 2022? Shiba Inu is now the most well-known and valuable shitcoin to invest in.

Shiba Inu is the second most valuable meme currency in the world, with a market valuation of $12.7 billion. Those who bought it in August 2020 have watched their investments grow by over 16000000 percent since then.

According to its website, it was created and advertised as a “Dogecoin killer.” The dog-themed meme coin’s marketing plan worked off, with millions of followers on social media and a top 10 crypto market capitalization.

Shiba Inu had to rely on the crypto community for growth since it lacked Dogecoin’s important endorsements, such as Elon Musk’s. It all started with the Shitcoin Reddit boost trains, then Vitalik Buterin’s brilliant move to burn half of the SHIB token supply.

Shiba Inu’s development team has set even loftier goals for the currency in order to catapult it into the next phase of development. This approach started with the ShibaSwap decentralized exchange. This initiative also includes a vow to burn more than 1 trillion SHIB tokens by the end of the year. Because of increased interest in Shiba Inus and a recovering crypto market, SHIB coin prices are expected to rise to new heights by the end of the year.

This only goes to show how critical it is to have a thriving meme coin community. This is the second most valuable shitcoin on the list based on market capitalization.

If you’re looking for the most promising shitcoin to invest in, SHIB is the way to go.

3. SafeMoon

The SafeMoon is a fantastic replacement for Shiba Inu and Dogecoin.

Investors are continuously on the search for the next shitcoin to purchase in the meme currency market, where feelings and interests alter frequently. SafeMoon was created in early 2021 to exploit this paradigm to eliminate Shiba Inu. According to SafeMoon’s founders, after SHIB and DOGE are priced in, the shitcoin industry will turn to SafeMoon as the next best alternative.

In the first two weeks following its launch, the value of SafeMoon increased by as much as 2,000,000,000%. The crypto market, on the other hand, had already crashed before the majority of investors had switched their attention to the new shitcoin.

The meme coin’s development team began work on expanding the SafeMoon community and sustaining interest in the brand in order to prepare for its next rally, which might happen as late as 2022.

After that, the SafeMoon digital wallet was released and upgraded to SafeMoon V2. SafeMoon is also said to be working on a hardware wallet and exchange. These elements have helped maintain user interest at a high level, as it records daily trading sums of between $100,000 and $1 million and has over 1 million admirers on social media.

Some analysts believe Shiba Inu and Dogecoin currencies are already priced in as the crypto market recovers. Thanks to these two and its massive fans, Safemoon anticipates its value to surge to new and unprecedented heights by December.

4. ApeCoin

Investing in ApeCoin is now one of the best Shitcoin investments you can make. The ApeCoin ecosystem’s utility tokens and the ApeCoin DAO’s governance token are APE tokens, which were launched in March 2022. This movie contains the whole Bored Ape Yatch Club NFT experiment by Yuga Labs.

The price of the joke money has already grown by more than 1100 percent, according to CoinMarketCap statistics.

The great majority of cryptocurrency market players anticipate ApeCoin’s price will grow in the future. While APE is now trading at $11, it is predicted to continue to rise in value over the next months and into 2022 as a result of the coin’s cheap price (currently $11) and widespread attention.

Experts believe ApeCoin will be the next meme cryptocurrency to take off since it is based on a well-established and well-known platform. The rising trend for APE is expected to be accelerated, thanks to a stronger crypto market and an influx of investors who regard SHIB and DOGE as already priced in.

APE and have formed a new relationship that provides for a 2% discount on all APE-based online purchases. Because of this and possible future partnerships, ApeCoin is one of the finest shitcoins to purchase right now. These will play a significant role in ApeCoin’s popularity and drive a price run between now and December.

According to ApeCoin price predictions, the money will be valued $75 per unit by 2025. As a result, you may want to consider investing in ApeCoin before it further dominates the shitcoin market.

5. Monacoin

Monacoin, another cryptocurrency on our list, was created as an alternative to online payments. This shitcoin was the first decentralized cryptocurrency in Japan, having been founded in January 2014.

MONA prices increased by more than 20000 percent during the pinnacle of the crypto market bubble in 2017 to reach the current ATH of $20, despite little to no trading activity after the coin’s introduction.

It has now lost more than 95% of its peak value in the ensuing collapse. Even yet, its user base has constantly risen, as has the amount of applications it may be used for. The meme coin’s use and popularity were mostly centered on Japan until recently.

Monacoin has lately become a popular Shitcoin, according to Reddit users, indicating that the meme coin is ready to join the global crypto investing market.

We’ve placed it on our list of the next shitcoins to invest in for the year 2022 since it seems to be on track to reclaim its 2017 highs. This is the currency for you if you’re looking for an alternative to Doge and SHIB, or just want to diversify your meme coin investing risks.

Monacoin, a shitcoin whose value is expected to climb over the next few years, has grabbed the interest of many crypto investors.

6. Dogelon Mars

Dogelon Mars is a meme coin with a lot of potential and a lot of community.

Dogelon Mars, a meme currency inspired by the success of Dogecoin, Elon Musk, and Mars, was launched in May 2021, and it referred to the meme coin’s future upward value increase.

In the first three weeks following the launch, the price of Dogelon Mars tokens increased by 30000 percent. In August, another attempt at a raise resulted in a 55000 percent gain in the original price, but it was also short-lived.

Because it hasn’t been completely used yet, it is included in our list of the best shitcoins for 2022. The meme money has a following of over 500,000 individuals on social media platforms including Twitter, Telegram, and Reddit.

Even as the crypto market has dwindled, Dogelon Mars trade activity has increased, with 24-hour trading volumes reaching as high as $100 million.

Due to a recovering crypto market and resurgent shitcoin mania, Dogelon Mars token prices are likely to skyrocket before the end of the year.

7. Samoyed Coin

Coin based on Solana Samoyed is a promising investment.

Samoyed Coin became one of the most frequently utilized shitcoins in May of 2021. Some of the stars of the fast-growing Solana ecosystem include Dogecoin, FTX exchange creator Sam Bankman-Fried, and Solana founder Anatoly Yakovenko.

These three firms, as well as Solana’s growing popularity and user population, will contribute to the top shitcoin’s price growth.

Given its May 2021 launch, it seems that it will miss the early 2021 market run. However, it proved its worth in November’s mini-rally, with a value gain of 1230 percent. The present value of SAMO is less than a tenth of its former peak.

Despite the fact that the crypto market is decreasing, it has gained its fan following and experienced an increase in trading activity. The SAMO NFTs, SAMO meme contests, the SAMO school, and even the marketing of SAMO tokens are all being worked on by the shitcoin’s development coin to increase investor interest in the meme squad.

SAMO token prices are expected to rise for a variety of reasons, including a recovering crypto market and a likely resurrection of the shitcoin frenzy.

8. SafeMoon

SafeMoon Inu is a shitcoin based on the lunar calendar that was released in May of 2021. It’s similar to Dogecoin’s Shiba Inu: an opportunistic crypto project that takes advantage of the more popular currency’s popularity.

As a consequence, the price rise that had been begun came to a stop in early 2021. During the November mini-rally, however, the meme currency took center stage, skyrocketing and expanding its original price by more than 20000 percent.

SafeMoon Inu has lost more than 95% of its peak value due to the declining cryptocurrency market since then. Despite the shitcoin’s decrease in value, SafeMoon Inu has developed a devoted fanbase and caught the interest of investors, as seen by gradually rising daily trade volumes.

We included SafeMoon Inu on our list of Shitcoins to buy in 2022 because the majority of analysts predict it will start its 2021 price run before the end of this year. The crypto market is exhibiting signs of revival, with resurgent meme-coin craze and increasing SafeMoon token values powering this price run.

9. Floki Inu 

When Floki Inu first arrived on the scene in August of 2021, the crypto market was in a holding pattern after the May 2021 disaster. The dog-themed meme money has already increased by 1700000 percent in three months since its introduction. This success is largely due to Elon Musk’s vocal support for meme currencies, as well as a booming crypto market.

This artwork was inspired by memes about Elon Musk’s Shiba Inu dog and the classic Vikings TV series’ main character Floki. However, the crypto market has lost as much as 92 percent of its gains since November 2021 as of this writing. Despite this, it has a positive return on investment (ROI) of more than 150000 percent. The daily transaction volume remains stable at about $10 million.

The goal of the Floki Movement, as the development team refers to it, is to create a meme currency community. You can now buy products from 1700 different stores using FLOKI as a meme currency thanks to their partnership with CrytoCart. Curate is also in talks to take care of Floki Inu payments.

Another in-network development aimed at building the community and encouraging investor interest in the brand is the launch of the Valhalla gaming metaverse, which provides play to earn games. The FlokiPlaces market also sells NFTs and other things.

Floki Inu investors are expected to keep checking in for updates on these projects until 2022. Analysts think that a recovering cryptocurrency market, a burgeoning community, and a rising meme coin trend will all help Floki Inu prices climb by December 2022.

10. Lucky Block

It’s just been two months since the initial appearance of the Lucky Block shitcoin. It had previously surged past 1500 percent and was more than double its original price. Like the other shitcoins on our list, Lucky Block has adopted a strategy in the hopes of winning community support and recruiting investors. The meme coin seeks to revolutionize online gaming and give investors with double returns on their original investment in two ways: gambling successes and meme coin value rises.

So far, it has amassed a following on social networking networks. During this time, trading volumes have also surged, ranging from $1 to $16 million per day.

The meme money is still in the works. Lucky Block has already proved its endurance by maintaining a positive upswing and solid trading volumes in a decreasing market, despite being 75 percent lower in price than it was at its peak.

Is Investing in Shitcoins a Good Idea?

There’s no doubt that even the most popular shitcoins are quite dangerous. As a result, continue reading to see whether this kind of cryptocurrency would be a suitable fit for your portfolio.

Shitcoins sometimes get a lot of enthusiastic community support.

Shitcoins, as previously stated, are crypto assets with a very low market capitalization and/or no evident use-case other than to exist.

Despite the fact that shitcoins are not comparable to some of the most well-known cryptocurrency projects, many investors continue to include them in their portfolios.

Due to the backing of a big and active community, several shitcoins have been known to make a strong comeback.

For example, Dogecoin was seen as a joke at the time of its introduction, with a value of a fraction of a penny for years.

Influencers and celebrities, on the other hand, were very interested in Dogecoin in the beginning of 2021 and created a lot of buzz around it.

Dogecoin’s value has increased by almost 12,000 percent in only a few months.

Basically, there have been a number of shitcoin projects, such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, that have yielded huge profits in a short period of time.

However, there have been ventures that have shown to be useless within a week of their over-hyped debut.

Even if the benefits are substantial, there is always the risk to consider. Prior to investing, you may examine how active and robust a shitcoin community is.

Some shitcoins provide a high-risk/high-reward strategy for the short term.

You could get fortunate if you’re searching for the greatest shitcoin to purchase as a short-term trader. That is to say, shitcoins are dangerous, thus the payoff might be enormous.

Using the poster child for meme tokens, Dogecoin, as an example, if you bought DOGE tokens on January 1st, 2021 and cashed out on May 8th, 2021, you would have made a 14,700 percent profit.

Where Can I Get Shitcoins?

Top1 Markets is the finest location to acquire crypto, and more particularly, the 10 shitcoins described today. This is due to the platform’s $10 minimum transaction size requirement. This implies you may take a chance on something called a “punter.”

In 2022, Top1 Markets will be the best platform for accessing the best shitcoins.

Top1 Markets is an excellent site to trade for novices and seasoned investors alike when it comes to buying shitcoins.

You may purchase shitcoins in a couple of minutes using the Top1 Markets site. In this case, the broker will add the tokens to your portfolio, which you will be able to access at any time. This is ideal for beginner investors since no private keys are necessary and the area is regulated by the SEC, allowing you to trade in a safe atmosphere.

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