Another Central Banker Berates Crypto Why Do Central Bankers Hate Crypto So Much?

When markets are in freefall, it’s difficult to escape fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD), so another central banker slamming digital assets isn’t surprising. It begs the issue of why banks despite cryptocurrency so much. Although Bitcoin’s current price is just over $30,000, European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde believes it and other crypto assets are … Read more

Predictions for the XRP Crypto: Where Will Ripple’s Carbon Bet Take It?

Here’s where the experts believe XRP will go next. For quite some time, XRP (XRP-USD) and its parent firm, Ripple, have been involved in a legal struggle with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Investors’ attention is now turning away from the legal issues and toward a favorable news. Ripple will spend $100 … Read more

Kishu Inu Coin Price Predictions 2022

Kishu Inu Kishu Inu (CRYPTO: KISHU) is a meme token whose stated purpose is to mainstream popular cryptocurrency ideas. It now provides token holders with incentives, a decentralized crypto exchange, and non-fungible permits (NFTs). Kishu Inu follows the same basic structure as several other meme tokens that recently flooded the market. Some of the other … Read more